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Beloved pets club

<span>Beloved pets club</span>

Monthly goodies
for your furry friends

Monthly goodies for your furry friends

Unique snacks and themed toys tailored for your best friend delivered in a monthly box.

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Beloved pets club

<span>Beloved pets club</span>

What is doohoo box?

It is happiness in a box to share with your four legged friend. Unique snacks that are nowhere to be found in the traditional shops. Each month you will receive a themed box with toys and snacks and little surprises to make that moment special!

Tema ir atsiliepimas

Vilkė (Tomas) “One of the best investments to our dog Vilkė! Snacks are healthy the toys are high quality. Each time we get surprised and wait for the new themed box!"

Tema ir atsiliepimas

Moka (Luka) “I am impressed from the amount of care, love and dedication doohoo gives to our pet. The customer support never fails and it is the best subscription to spoil your loved one!”

Tema ir atsiliepimas

Bilis ir Morka (Šarūnė) “Living abroad we have seen similar businesses and I was surprised to see this in Lithuania. We have to dogs and this subscription box is a life saver. It provides us with toys and snacks on the regular which our dogs just love and can not wait for another month!

What is in doohoo box?

What is in doohoo box?

  • 1  themed toy which squeaks/crackles
  •  4-6 unique snacks nowhere to be sold
  • A surprise for the owner
  • An idea for a good time together with your dog
  • 100% happiness guarantee

Each month you will receive a tailored box for your pet. From allergies, habits, special requirements to the mini things.

What is in doohoo box?

How does doohoo box work?


Create the perfect box

Each dog is unique. Customize your box to make the box right for your furry friend.


Choose a plan

Pick the right plan for you. We offer 6- or 12-month subscriptions, shipped right to your dog's door every month. Payments are done on the same day of each month.


Get ready to play

Most boxes arrive within 5 days. Every month after, you’ll get themed toys, wholesome treats & a LOT of dog excitement.

Happiness does not have a price, but we tried!

Choose a plan:

12 months


per month + shipping

Most popular
6 months


per month + shipping

1 month


per month + shipping

Ordering 6- or 12- month subscription, receive an additional box!

Order joy!


A treat box subscription is a monthly themed box of treats, toys, surprises, and activity ideas for your pet. This treat box can be ordered for a period of 1, 6, or 12 months.

In each box you will find 3-5 exclusive treats for the pet (special drinks, treats, gnaws, etc.), 1-2 high-quality toys, a gift for the owner and a creatively described idea for joint activities with the pet. Each month has its own theme, so the contents of the box vary from month to month.

Of course! By subscribing, you not only you save money (buying individual treats would be much more expensive), but also time that you would spend choosing new toys and treats. Our toys and snacks can not be found in the local shops. Leave it to us for surprising your furry friend!

If the subscription box is ordered before the 15th of the month, it is sent on the 16th-18th of each month.

If you order after 15th of the month, you will receive the treat box at the end of the month.

Afterwards, the payment for the subscription will be debited on the 15th of the month, and the treat box will be shipped on the 16th-18th of the month.

Yes! When creating your pet’s profile, specify its name, breed, weight and allergies. Taking this information into account, we will select the most suitable toys and treats for your four-legged friend.

If your pup isn’t happy with their doohoo box, we’ll work with you to make it right. We can also help if you need to skip, pause, or cancel your box. Reach out to our team info@doohoo.lt and we will make it right!


Happy doggy reviews

Vilkė and Tomas

„One of the best investments in a dog! The treats and toys are of very good quality, and doohoo is pleasantly surprised every time. We are waiting for new boxes!“

Bilis, Moka and Šarūnė

„We have seen something similar while living abroad, but we were very surprised that it can already be purchased in Lithuania. We have two dogs, this subscription is a lifesaver - it provides treats, toys and some other new activities. We wait as much as dogs for this box every month 😊“

Morka and Luka

„I am impressed with doohoo's love and concern for animals! And the assortment is simply unreal! The best place to surprise and pamper your friends.“

Celė, Moka and Veneta

„Colė and Moka devoured the beef patty in seconds and licked away asking for more. And I liked that it was thick.“

Maira and Agnė

„Maira really liked the DoggyRade product. She licked everything and checked again to make sure there was nothing left, she even licked the floor without leaving a crumb.“

Gutis and Gytis

„Our Gutis simply couldn't rest after tasting the doohoo treats. He knew where we helped and constantly led us to them so that we could give more.“

Borisas and Lina

„Very nice treats. Borisas liked everything, even beer. In the beginning, it was so hard to taste, but after a while, he got braver and gave it all.“

What is your dog's name?

He's a good boy
She’s a good girl


1 - 10 kg.



10 - 26 kg.



27 - 45+ kg.

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Your must choose at least one option!

If has other dietary needs, please chat with us after you checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate. While wheat, corn, and soy are never used as primary ingredients in our treats, some treats may be produced in a facility that contains corn, wheat, grain, or soy.

I want to receive more ideas on how to make my pet happy.

By clicking Continue, you agree to our purchase rules and privacy policy

12 months subscription

12 months

24€ / month

Free delivery

FREE extra box for first month

Save 132 EUR

Most popular
6 months subscription

6 months

29€ / month

Free delivery

FREE extra box for first month

Save 36 EUR

1 month subscription

1 month

35€ / month

Free delivery

First time you order a subscription, we will ship it within 5 days. You will only pay for the first month, and thereafter the fee will be charged automatically every month.

100% Happiness Guarantee

If isn't happy with the doohoo treat box, we'll do our best to make her/him happy.

The subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you commit to the duration of your doohoo subscription plan.

Fill your subscription box with doohoo's most popular treats and toys to bring even more joy to your four-legged friend!

„Toys club“

„Toys club“

Surprise your pet by adding an extra toy to your subscription!

9€ / month19€ / month

„Treaties club“

„Treaties club“

Extra smoothies, drinks, snacks, every month!

9€ / month15€ / month

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month subscription

  • dog


Total monthly sum


100% Happiness Guarantee

If isn't happy with the doohoo treat box, we'll do our best to make dog happy.

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